Patent illustrators – How To Identify The Best Ones?

Patent illustrators are the artists who create patent drawing that represents the details of the invention on paper. Patent Drawings remains a crucial aspect of patent prosecution since it increases the chances of getting patent grants. The professionals help inventors in creating the patent sketches that enables examiner to understand what the invention is all about. This strengthens the patent application of the inventors.

Creating a patent illustration is not as easy as it sound. So, it is important for an organization or the inventor to identify the professional patent illustrator who can perform this task effectively. The most important thing is to adhere to the patent illustration rules. The following section highlights the rules that a professional patent illustrator has to follow.

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Different Rules That A Professional Patent illustrator Has To Follow

While creating a patent illustration, a patent illustrator needs to adhere to patent drawing rules. The failure to abide by these rules will lead to rejection of patent application. Take a look at the the various rules and guidelines that an illustrator needs to follow while working patent illustrations:

  • Unless colour is the sole method to display a section of the invention, draw in black and white.
  • On all drawings, use India ink.
  • When the illustration is reduced to two-thirds its original size, make sure the drawing is to scale.
  • Above each drawing, include identification such as the name of the invention, the name of the inventor, and the application number.
  • All drawings should be printed on 11-inch by 8.5-inch white paper or A4 paper.
  • Be non-shiny, flexible, crease-free, long-lasting, and white.
  • Erasures, changes, over writings, and interlineations must all be removed.
  • Make the top and left margins at least 1 inch, the right margin at 3/8 inch, and the bottom margin at 5/8 inch.

Things To Look For In A Professional Patent illustrator

There are certain things that you must look for in a professional patent illustrator. These factors will help you in hiring the best professional patent sketcher.

Knowledge about the Patent Drawing Rules

A professional patent illustrator should keep himself updated about the patent drawing rules of different patent offices. This helps in creating a patent sketch that is enforceable and reduces the risk of the patent application rejection. So, if you are looking forward to hiring a patent illustrator, make sure that the individual is well-versed with norms and regulation of various Patent Offices.

Technical Knowledge

Another thing that qualifies a person as the best professional patent illustrator is his/her ability to demonstrate the technical knowledge. Today’s best patent illustrators make use of the various software and tools accessible to him/her. This includes software like AutoCAD, CorelDraw and to name a few more. By having knowledge to use these software, the professional artist can intricately produce engaging patent sketch that makes invention understandable for the examiner. So, make sure that the person you are hiring is adapt and skilled in using patent drawing software.

Communication Skills

Communication skills are always important no mater what the field or industry is. Talking about the simple patent illustration, there is no need for discussions and iteration. However, when it comes to complex patent illustration, preparing them is never easy. They may require a great deal of discussions and multiple iterations. This may result in loss of time and effort which can be saved when an illustrator communicates with the inventor.


Patent Drawings are essential part of patent prosecution cycle. Attaching a patent illustration with patent application makes it easy for examiner to understand the invention. Not only this, it also increases the chances of getting patent grant. In order to reap the benefits of patent drawings, it is important for an inventor to carefully identify the professional illustrator.

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