Why Do You Need Patent Illustration Services?

You must see to it that your patent drawings are inch-perfect while describing your invention. Hence, it is wise to seek assistance from patent illustration services to achieve this target.

Drawings will help you to put your point across a little faster instead of going through long paragraphs of descriptions. Patent drawings are extremely crucial to your application. It also eases the examiner’s job a bit. A distinctive drawing will help him/her to differentiate between your invention and prior art. On the flip side, however, an inaccurate patent drawing might reduce your chances of getting a patent.

Hence, you should consider professional patent illustration services for rendering your drawings.

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Patent Illustration Services: Why Invest in Them?

As we mentioned above, your patent drawings can prove to be the difference makers in your application. However, their use doesn’t stop at the patent grant.

Patent infringements can occur at any time, and you must prove it in court. In a litigation process, accurate patent drawings will help a judge to distinguish between inventions and make informed decisions. Moreover, if you prepare your well-constructed drawings, then it discourages potential infringers to copy your invention.

To ensure that all your drawings meet these expectations, you should consider taking assistance from patent illustration services. Let’s see how exactly they can help you.

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Technical Specifications

While filing your application, you must ensure that you follow these guidelines like the Bible. This means that everything that is a part of the illustration must be perfect. Right from the dimensions of the sheet you produce the illustration on to nomenclature that you need to use. Patent Illustration services ensure that all your drawings are up to the mark and are following these guidelines.

Patent Illustration Services for Utility Patents

If you are filing a utility patent, an illustration service can come in handy. This is because the rules and norms for Utility patents are quite rigid. They include:

  • Every line, number, and letter must be dark and uniform
  • All the figures must have a proper description.
  • Ensure that scaling of figures is correct

You may also include tables, formulae, waveforms, symbols, etc. depending on the invention. You need to make a plan or elevated view, isometric projections, perspective views, sectional views, exploded views, etc. It is a good idea to render specific views of your invention. These views may illustrate a problem the invention solves, a particular advantage it provides or a need it fulfils. You may depict prior art to differentiate your invention from an old one, or the innovation on an existing invention. If your invention involves a lot of intricate parts, seeking help from illustration services is highly advisable. Even if that is not the case, a good professional can ensure that your drawings are top-notch.

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Patent Illustration Services for Design Patent

If design patents were to have a heartbeat, then their patent drawings would be it. USPTO guidelines stipulate a few very important points.

  • The drawing disclosure is the most key aspect of an application.
  • The drawings comprise of the entire visual disclosure of the claim.
  • Your drawing must be excellent in describing the design, such that nothing is left to conjecture.

Most countries follow similar rules in their guidelines with minor changes. For instance, USPTO requires you to appropriately and adequately shade all the surfaces of drawings. This is a standout requirement which makes USPTO design drawings appear more artistic in comparison to other countries. However, after submission of your drawings, you cannot correct any inconsistencies unless you can do it without adding new matter. The USPTO law forbids you to add or remove any matter after you file the patent application. Yet again, the importance of getting the drawings right is noticeable here.

Need an Illustrator? – The Patent Drafting Catalyst

You are aware of the importance of producing good patent illustrations. Hence, you should take the necessary steps to ensure that your drawings are as clear and concise as possible. If you’re looking to take the aid of any patent illustration services, consider Patent Drafting Catalyst. Our team boasts 10+ years of experience in supporting patent prosecution with 200+ full-time patent engineers in 30+ technology areas. Our experience includes working with multiple patent attorneys/firms from multiple countries for patent drafting.

We are always up-to-date about the latest laws and acceptable practices. Our patent illustrators understand the importance of comprehensive patent drawings in terms of patent commercialization and infringement litigation. We ensure that we draft excellent quality patent drawings with the best results. There will also be no surprise billing so that you only the fee that you fix with us and we ensure that our prices are economical.

To make an inquiry, visit the Patent Drafting Catalyst Services.

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