Patent Drawing Rules

USPTO has prescribed some norms and rules for drawings which are known as Patent Drawing Rules. An applicant needs to attach a patent drawing along with patent application. Attaching a patent drawing that is designed according to the Patent Drawing Rules increase the chance of acquiring patent rights. Patent Drawings are a great way to show how your invention works. If you are applying for provisional patent, you won’t need any patent drawing. On the other hand, an applicant needs to attach a patent illustration for non-provisional patent.

Patent Drawing Rules – Things You Should Take Care of

While designing a patent illustration, an applicant should be aware of the patent drawing requirements. Take a look at the rules which you should consider while working on patent illustration:

  • An applicant can use black and white color. If needed, he/she can also use other colors.
  • Make sure to use India ink on all drawings.
  • Patent drawing should also include name of the invention, inventor’s name, and application number.
  • The applicant must refrain from superimposing one drawing over another.
  • Usage of symbol and legend is permitted to describe the invention.
  • The applicant can submit the patent illustration on A4 size sheet or on a sheet which features dimension 11-inch by 8.5-inch.

Additionally, the applicant can consider using chart and diagrams. In some instances, the applicant can also attach a photograph instead of a patent drawing. However, the use of photograph is permitted if the applicant is applying for design patent or utility patent. The photograph should be in high-quality to represent the nuances of the invention.

Why You Should Follow Patent Drawing Rules?

Attaching a patent drawing along with patent application is important. Also, while drawing patent illustration, it is important to stick to the patent drawing rules. If an applicant fails to attach a patent drawing along with patent application, his/her application will be considered incomplete. This will result in delay in date of filing.

The importance of patent drawing rules can stated in the next statement. A patent drawing allows an applicant to show how his/her invention is novel and original. If a patent drawing is professional, neat and most importantly follows patent drawing rules, the examiner can review the invention easily. It speeds up the patent prosecution cycle and you can acquire patent grants without any delay.

Tips for Designing High-Quality Patent Drawings

Take a look at the tips that will help you in drawing high-quality patent illustrations. While you are drawing patent illustration, make sure to implement tips in your patent illustration.

  • Make sure to highlight the features of invention clearly.
  • Ensure that there are no errors.
  • Patent Drawing should be professional and appealing.

Patent drawings that feature these things quickly grab the attention of the patent examiners. These things help examiner in better understanding of the invention.

How To Create Patent Drawings In Adherence To The Patent Drawing Rules?

One of the important things to remember while designing a patent illustration are the patent rules. It is applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the patent drawings are furnished in adherence to the patent drawing rules. So, as long as you are familiar with the patent drawing rules, you can create patent drawing on your own. However, you should keep this in mind that it should be appealing and professional. A lot of time and effort go into making an engaging patent illustration.

On the other hand, the other option that you have is to hire draftsmen to prepare patent drawings. This goes well for those applicants who don’t have time or patience or skills to draw a patent illustration. Patent illustrators can help you on this front. These illustrators are highly trained professionals who have the ability to represent your invention on paper in great details. Since a patent drawing plays a major part in the patent prosecution cycle, it is worth hiring a patent illustrator to perform this task.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

If you are considering to create a patent illustration, you ought to be very careful throughout the process. Most of the inventors don’t pay any heed to the drawing they are creating. Often times, such mistakes appear due to non-adherence to the Patent Drawing Rules. An applicant should be able to intricately produce patent drawing. On the other hand, if you don’t want to splurge money on hiring a patent draftsmen, you should have the mastery to churn out a compelling patent illustration. Otherwise, this may result in loss of time, money and efforts.

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