How to Identify Gems from Your Patent Portfolio


Intellectual property can account for 70% of a company’s value. But it comes with certain terms and conditions. Although all patents of your IP or Patent Portfolio have certain credibility, some of them certainly outshine others.

Selecting those gems amongst the clan becomes challenging when you have a huge patent portfolio. But the good news is there is a full-fledged IP monetization strategy for the same.

Do you know how big companies like Apple, Samsung IBM and so on maintain their IP portfolio? A huge proportion of the revenue they generate comes from their well maintained and scrutinized IP portfolio.

Ranking Factors of Patent Portfolio

The Ranking Factors are majorly the underlying elements of your patent draft which majorly help a patent to rank better than others.

The factors/indicators help you access a patent’s value to implement a successful IP Monetization strategy.

Not only this, but we also offer you an “Ingenious Patent Ranking Tool” so that you can easily identify the patents which are more likely to be useful.

In order to understand how these factors actually work upon enhancing the company’s monetary and brand value and to get an exclusive report by Patent Drafting Catalyst Professionals and other free resources.

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