Patentability Search – 3 Reasons To Conduct

Securing patent rights for your invention is a time-consuming process. There are many factors that determine if your invention gets patent rights or not. Among such factors, one is the presence of prior art. To know if any similar invention has secured patent rights or not, you must conduct a patentability search. It ensures that your invention is unique and patentable and that the existing inventions are not similar to your invention.

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There are various reasons why you should conduct a patentability search prior to filing the patent application form. Let’s take a look at them.

Cost & Time Effective

The main purpose of conducting a patentability search is to find out whether your invention is unique or not. It also helps in providing details on how your invention is different from the prior arts. With that said, if the patent search report shows a negative result, you can work around your invention to ensure that it meets the eligibility criteria.

Filing a patent application is a long and time-consuming process. While filing patent application, you want to ensure that there should be no reason for PTO to reject your patent application. The presence of prior-arts is one of the reasons for patent cancelation which is avoidable if you consider conducting a patentability search during the developing stage of your invention.

Betters the Patent Application

A patent application lays a solid foundation when you are planning to secure patent rights. A high-quality, accurate patent application can turn the tables around in your favor. On the other hand, a patent application that is not carefully drafted can bring results otherwise. This is one of the reasons that you should consider conducting a patentability search.

Patentability search provides you with information about the latest inventions available. Along with that, you get to know about the latest technologies that are being used. By having access to such information, you can prepare a meticulous patent application draft. You can keep your focus more on your invention which can help in making your patent application more presentable. The best part is that you get to explore more patents. You can add relevant details in your patent application which you might have missed when you take the other route.

The fact that it helps in comparing the prior-arts. You can also find what distinguishes your inventions from other, what novel aspects are present in your invention. This will help you in preparing an accurate patent application draft.

Patentability Keeps Competition in Check

Patentability Search helps in keeping competition in check. You can explore the patents which are based on the similar technology and find out what your competition is actually doing. With this, you can strategize what needs to be done to take care of your competition. You will find answers to how you can surpass your competitors. This will help in growth of your business while keeping your competitors in check.


Wrapping up the blog, this can be concluded that while a patentability search may be an option but it is in the best interest of applicants to conduct a patentability search. A patentability search lessens the chances of patent application rejection. In addition to that, a patentability search ensures that you make the most of your invention by allowing you to explore the related patents and improve the quality of your invention.

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