How To Find A Patent?

Many people create new invention. The first thing that you need to do in order to secure your invention is to learn if your invention is new. This means knowing whether or not a patent exists on the similar idea or not. Thus, prior to filing a patent application, you need to know if your invention is available for patent rights or not. Learning how to find a patent through multiple databases can help you find answer to that question.

There is an additional benefit of same. You can make changes to your product so that it does not infringe on other people’s patents. This can protect you from lawsuits in the future. Along with that, you will be able gain insight into your competitor’s strategies.

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Best Databases To Find A Patent

There are multiple databases through which you can conduct a patent search and find a patent. This will help you in making decision whether or not you should move forward to secure your invention. Take a look at some of the best databases that can assist you in finding a patent.

Google Patents

Google has introduced a free database to find the patent in 2006. This is one of the best databases you can use to search the patent. Also, the fact that it is quite convenient to use gives another reason you should use Google Patents. This database from Google covers a directory of more than 87 millions patents from multiple countries.

The Lens Org

The patent attorneys and the inventor must be aware of the oldest patent search database – The Lens Org. It bears information about patent from world’s leading patent offices – USPTO, World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and the European Patent Office (EPO). The Lens Org has a vast database that an inventor can search from. What makes it interesting to use is the fact that it has user-friendly interface and easy to use.


It is WIPO’s online patent search database. Anyone can access this online database without having to pay charges. The PatentScope gives access to PCT applications in their full-text forms. So, if you are looking forward to finding a patent, PatentScope is one of the best patent search databases available.

It is evident that patent databases can help you in your patent related matters. It can help you in finding out the prior-arts and allow you to make decision. Not only this, you can also bring changes in your product so it does not infringe on other patents. These patent search databases are of great help in finding prior-arts.

Tips To Hire A Patent Attorney For Finding Patent?

So, if you are looking forward to filing a patent application to secure your invention, it is a good idea to hire to patent attorney to conduct a patent search. Below-mentioned are some considerations that you should always keep in mind while hiring a patent attorney.

  • Know your requirements – One of the things that you must know is your requirements. Patent is a broad term and includes multiple areas of IP. Make sure to hire a attorney that has advanced legal knowledge.
  • Conduct a Research – While hiring an attorney, make sure to conduct a research as well. This will help you land the best attorney that can help you through the patent prosecution cycle. Ensure that the attorney you are hiring should be able to cater to your patent needs.
  • Schedule interviews – After you have narrowed down the list of eligible to attorneys to perhaps four or five candidates, it is a good idea to schedule interview. You can ask them the kind of experience they are having along with how they are going to handle your request of patent filing.

Hire PDC for Finding Patent

So, if you are looking forward to finding patent, your search ends here. With that said, Patent Drafting Catalyst is well equipped to help its clients in conducting a through patent search and to find patent that is based on similar ideas. Our patent search services assist clients in finding the prior-arts at the cost-effective price. To know more about us or our services, get in touch with us.

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