Why You Need a Professional Patent Writer

From its very initial state to a patent office, the journey of a patent application has various phases. Only a patent writer with a good experience can draft a patent application that is easy to understand. For instance, when a functioning machine can be seen, it’s slightly easy to comprehend how the machine works. In addition, you can see the actual parts of the machine. On the other hand, if someone has described the machine in a text form, then the same machine becomes complex to understand.

Similarly, a patent application is a collection of legal documents that aren’t easy to understand. These documents contain every detail of an invention. As a result, subject-matter experts are required to understand a patent application. Moreover, one wrong description of an invention may change the mechanism of an invention in a patent application. The wrong description of an invention might confuse a patent examiner. As a result, the patent office may refuse to grant you a patent. In coming sections in the article, we’ll see the significance of a patent writer.

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How a Patent Writer Drafts a Patent Application

According to the USPTO, there are three types of patents: Utility Patents, Design Patents, and Plant Patents. Moreover, there are different approaches to draft these patent applications since they offer different IP protections. The laws and guidelines for patents (Utility, Design, and Plant), also, differ from each other. Therefore, you need a subject-matter expert who can draft your patent application. Moreover, writing a quality patent application requires great skills and experience. You may read our article to get the clarity of it – Patent Writing: How to Write a Quality Patent Application?

We earlier mentioned that a patent application includes techno-legal documents that are necessary to understand an invention. Now, moving further in this article, you should find the documents that a patent application should have.

  • Specification Document (Description and Claims)
  • Patent Drawings
  • An oath or declaration

Specification Document

A patent writer has to incorporate the specification document in a patent application. He has to follow the proper format and guidelines. The USPTO says that the specification document of a patent application should include:

  • Title of the Invention
  • Cross Reference to related applications (if any).
  • Statement of federally sponsored research or development (if any)
  • Background of the Invention
  • Summary of the Invention
  • Description of drawings (if any)
  • Detailed Description of the Invention
  • Claims
  • Abstract of the disclosure
  • Sequence listing (if any)

Patent Drawings

Patent Drawings are one of the important parts of a patent application. The USPTO recommends that applicants should include patent drawings to understand the invention. However, it isn’t mandatory to use one. A patent writer carefully incorporates patent drawings in a patent application. He makes sure that drawings are correct and labelled. Moreover, he proofreads a patent application before submitting it to a patent office.

An Oath or Declaration

The USPTO asks for an oath or declaration from applicants. As a result, the inventor has to make an oath or declaration to state the creation of the invention. The inventor claims the invention. You may download the declaration form from the USPTO portal.  

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Patent Drafting Catalyst

Intellectual property rights protect your invention from being used for commercial purpose without your permission. Therefore, you should patent your invention as early as possible. If you want assistance in drafting a patent application, we are ready to do so. Patent Drafting Catalyst (PDC) has experienced patent drafters who work in compliance with the guidelines of patent offices.

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