Patent Drawings: Why Do You Need Them in Your Patent Application?

Someone has rightly said that a picture says a thousand words. Well, that is also true in case of the patent application. The visual representation of your invention can provide a solid base for the patent prosecution cycle. It makes your patent application solid and effective than other patent applications that do not contain patent drawings. Putting it in a simple language, patent drawings are the visual representation of your invention which elaborate the essential elements in your invention. Inclusion of patent sketches in your patent application improves the chance of patent grant.

While USPTO has given liberty to the applicants. The applicants can choose not to include the patent illustration in the patent application. Since patent drawings remain an important aspect or element of patent draft, the applicants are advised to furnish at least one patent illustration and include it in your patent application.

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Why Do You Need Patent Drawing?

This section highlights the importance of patent drawing and what purpose does it service. Ideas are better explained when there is more than just textual explanation. Patent illustrations compliment your patent application. Check out the major reasons why you should consider including patent illustrations in your patent application.

Patent Drawings explain your invention

The primary purpose of including a patent drawing in your patent application is to explain the invention in a better way. Patent drawings highlight the important elements of your invention and with the multiple views, figures and flowcharts, it allows the general public and the examiner to understand what the invention is all about.

Highlight the novel element

Patent Drawing highlights the novel element in your invention. For an invention to receive patent grant, it is a prerequisite to have a novel element included in it. There are many similar inventions and the applicant must convince the examiner that his/her invention is unique. That’s when patent drawings come into existence. The patent illustration highlights the elements of the invention and the applicant can convince the examiner how his/her invention differs from the existing prior-arts.

To truly understand the significance of the quality patent illustration, it is important to understand the patent process as well. There are two significant objection you need to achieve. You need to be able to differentiate between the existing inventions and the invention you want to patent. The former ones are referred to as the prior-arts. The second objective is to ensure that you meet all the requirements that a PTO has prescribed. A high-quality patent illustration helps in achieving both the objectives.

What Are the Risks Involved with not submitting the Patent illustration?

Not submitting a high quality patent illustration or not including a patent illustration carries significant risk which no inventor would like to take. It arise the ambiguity around the invention and the examiner may feel hesitated when it comes to patent grant. For an invention to receive patent grant, your invention should be able to meet the prerequisites which are novel and non-obvious.

How can Patent illustrators help?

The patent illustrators or the professional can be of great help when it comes to the patent drawings. The professionals have what the applicant lacks. They hold years of experience and the expertise across multiple jurisdiction such as US, EPC and more. In addition to that, they have knowledge about the rules and guidelines related to the patent sketch.

They have access to the different tools and software such as Auto-CAD and more which assist them in making high-quality patent sketches from the raw drawings. They can convert the patent drawing in any format that is acceptable by the PTO. Irrespective of how complex the patent drawings are, the professional patent illustrators can help applicant in preparing high-quality patent drawings.


Wrapping up, we can say that while there is no obligation for an applicant to submit a patent drawing with patent application but doing that will offer numerous benefits to the applicant. It strengthens the patent application and expediate the patent prosecution cycle. It helps examiner to understand what the invention is all about.

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