Information Disclosure Statement (IDS) Support & Services

IDS is a critical activity and is pretty effort intensive. PDC’s experts are proficient in multiple jurisdictions including USA, Israel, Canada, etc. PDC’s experts conduct the following activities when it comes to IDS/Reference management:

Leverage the Power of Collaborative Patent Drafting

Collaborative Patent Drafting

  • Enter, maintain and update prior art and reference data
  • Prepare and assemble IDS filings including document preparation and workflow management
  • Create access to a searchable repository of patent citations
  • Cross Referencing and Creation of Reference Library
  • Our processes ensure that no references are missed during prosecution, leading to reduced RCE filings for our clients.
  • Supports all facets of IDS and Reference Management with a TAT of 3 days.
  • 100% Quality check by Quality Analyst for every IDS prepared.
  • Paralegal Analysts hold years of experience and are responsible for reviewing office actions and other communications from patent offices. They have experience of handling 2-10 IDS forms on a daily basis
  • Paralegals have exposure to IDS preparation for US, Canada and Israel and also Global Reference Management.
  • Our paralegals have experience in dealing with sequence related information (from EMBL, Genseq and other databases).

Depending on the client’s requirements, we may use any of Foundation IP, Anaqua, Memotech, MS Word, Excel or Client dedicated Software.

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